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Apuron said the appointment was made at his request.“The holy father has understood the importance of establishing the truth and will allow an independent investigation of these false allegations to proceed,” he said on a video released by the archdiocese.

In May 2016, Concerned Catholics ran a full-page ad in local newspapers including the urging sexual abuse victims to come forward."The mentality at the time was you don’t say anything bad about the church and the priests,” she says, adding that she didn't have proof.“We should have, and we could have, done something a long time ago," says Ada, who joined the peaceful protests to have Apuron permanently removed from the clergy.The estate of Quinata also has filed a lawsuit against Apuron, the archdiocese and others.On June 6, 2016, Pope Francisstripped Apuron of his administrative authority and installed a temporary apostolic administrator in Guam.Rohr says he posted that blog item after he spoke with three of Apuron’s accusers: Quintanilla, Denton and Roland Sondia.

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