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There’s no telling what your children will face in the future or what choices they might make.What ends up being important to them may be vastly different from what is important to you. For all we know, those rights may end up staying perfectly in tact and I hope and pray that this will be the case.

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Unfortunately, when some of us feel passionate about something, our first instinct is to go on the attack but this doesn’t always produce the best results.It is also nothing of to make fun of, and the fact that I have been seeing that type of behavior taking place literally makes me sick to my stomach.What is just as bad is the ridicule many of us have received by showing support to those whose lives might be negatively affected by this election.HOWEVER, it is now time to think about how to take control of our future!One of the many posts I came across on Facebook the other day perfectly sums up the reason I am writing this piece.

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