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Five elderly villains behind the heist were jailed in March 2016, but today the Old Bailey heard how they must pay back millions between them to avoid lengthier sentences.‘Ringleader’ Brian Reader, 78, was given six years while John Collins, 77, Daniel Jones, 63, Terry Perkins, 69, and William Lincoln, 62, all got seven years for conspiracy to commit burglary.The judge ordered Reader, Perkins, Collins and Jones pay back £6.4million between them, or face another seven years each in jail, if they do not pay that sum.They each have other amounts based on their personal circumstances, making the total payable £8.2million.The prosecution argue the court must treat that sum as the proceeds of general criminal conduct.'It is a rough and ready formula but I propose to find that assumption should not apply to 50% of the questioned credits.That would lead to a finding of benefit in the sum of £27,194.44.'He has limited assets...

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Judge Kinch continued: 'This is not a case involving an extravagant lifestyle unsupported by legitimate income or one involving allegations of hidden assets.'Throughout the period, Doyle has operated a business as a plumbing, gas and heating engineer, latterly under the framework of a business partnership with his partner Jenny Fraser.'There is a total of £54,388 represented by unaccounted for credits of cash sums to the Doyle and Fraser bank accounts.

He was the only gang member connected to the raid to escape jail in 2016.

The Irishman was handed a 21-month suspended sentence for his cameo role, after tweeting on the last day of trial: 'Forget 'A' rated prison - have you got a 'G' rated boiler?

Lincoln was ordered to pay a much smaller £26,898 for his lesser role in the plot or face another nine months in jail Ringleader Brian Reader (left) and plumber Hugh Doyle (right).

Reader, who was not in court, was told he must pay back £6,644,951, including the sale of his £639,800 home and development land worth £533,000.

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