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He’s been texting “Blake🤡” with further reading I find out it is her.

They had been telling each other they love each other and they had plans to hang out many times and who knows what else. Weird thing is a week earlier she had messaged me trying to be friends with me and I had agreed to put the past behind m and let things go, all to find out while she was saying that she was with my then boyfriend.

This event has completely broken my heart but I will move on with my life I would never do that to another woman.

Mahmoud Ali Absy married his wife in 2013 and treated her like a queen until Summertime 2016 when he received his greencard.

He has now accidentally gotten her pregnant and is trying to get an abortion but she wants to have it good for her I guess.

She isn’t exactly the cleanest and smartest girl, so maybe he deserves to get what she has. Stay away from this guy Omaha, he’s a complete looser who preys on women in bars and his work.

What a slime ball hitting on people and using his work to do so.

Then, when she finds out about the other woman she will immediately start to stalk and harass them by leaving daily comments on her social media page.

After being with my boyfriend for two years I became pregnant.

Then she plays the “oh I love you more” BS to get her way.

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