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Weave between the headstones and your guide will know the intertwining secrets of practically each soul who rests there; the friends who became enemies, the lovers and the arch adversaries now buried a hop from one other.

Paddle in the summer, and this phenomenon is at its peak - NB While you're at it: Warm your cockles with a pint in nearby Skibbereen.

In truth, of course, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth seeing at any time of year I've kayaked on more than a few lakes in Ireland.

We've no shortage of drop-dead gorgeous waters to explore, but the one trip buried deep in my heart is a night kayak on Lough Hyne in Cork.

After seeing the changing rooms, you can even walk the walk…

out towards the hallowed turf itself With so many beautiful beaches around our coast, it's an exhilarating experience to gallop along the water's edge and feel the salt spray in your hair.

Regularly packed and possessing some of the best pub details in Dublin - including a buzzer in the snug (you're welcome) - this is a real home of the Black Stuff.

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