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For example, in one degree or another mafia relationship is the mass of the Russian phenomenon of the late nineties - paid by the enterprises the salary in envelope. Or the same law enforcement bodies in possession of private no less coercive means. And these taxes is not optimizer.exe, and their rates may at any time to change, and the punishment for non-payment can be different, depending on the wealth of imagination punishing...Since she never paid any taxes or other legal benefits, but it is a reward for the work done in the interests of the company, i.e. If this happens at all levels, the state inevitably involved in these relationships and instead live on lawfully collected taxes, are involved in collecting taxes. People whose rights are violated (for example, no refund), has the opportunity to deal with the offender, not only through slow and helpless court, and quickly and directly. in short, walk by gangsters - is difficult and dangerous.In the autumn of 1993 went first product, the money for the company gradually began to act, and mark for a symbolic song gave me his old white Volga GAZ-24.

If in the classic sense (at least based on the novel the Godfather, then, probably, all the same no - nepotism and the transfer of power from father to one of the many sons is the exception rather than the rule. If a person over the execution of the functions of the state turns to the bandits, the taxes on it start to take them.While civilization is the fact that the security forces ousted from the market, Frank bandits and becomes their place...And the Italian mafia nepotism in the Russian reality takes specific forms - partners are not only the wife and the children, but childhood friends and schoolmates, and members of the Soviet mailbox or party work.I note that mark first I was offered to be in his company (it was called without regard to meat products - Granite), Department head of marketing at Kladno-bonus system. The last invitation was justified my good knowledge of English and significant (at the time) the experience of independent financial and business activities, so I agreed, without any salary, exclusively for share in future revenues are my savings is more or less allowed.Although, of course, all costs my company paid for mark, referring them to my credit, i.e. But the salary I had not received, and it allowed me to close with a very cool partner to save face.Remember, I told my grandmother in 1988 sewed for him by the hair ribbons for 20 cents?

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