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But if you don’t have a lot of options in hand, don’t throw the poor fella around just because someone told you so!

If a man sees competition, he automatically flips the ego chase switch on, so don’t try to force a chase for the wrong reasons.

Chasing a wonderful woman who knows how to make a guy chase her is every guy’s dream.

And I’ll tell you how to be that special woman here.

The intensity of the chase You may try to make a man chase you around for a few weeks, but if he doesn’t really like you or think you’re to-die-for, he may just get bored and walk away halfway through the chase.

They know that a great girl gets all the attention in the world. So when a lot of great guys try to woo her and date her, she obviously has a lot of options.

The user said: 'I faked being pregnant so my managers would go easy on work.

For a long time, women have always been told to play hard to get.

What I’m going to tell you here are the benefits of a chase, and how it can actually help you and better the prospective relationship.

And the really good part, in this feature I’ll tell you how to make the chase work in your favor and make the guy fall so madly in love with you, it’ll hurt him to even let you go. Men think they hate a chase, but they really don’t!

Men like chasing women for two primary reasons, for their ego and to actually understand if they want the girl.

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