Ryan gosling is dating now


That's not the only thing that surprised us, though.

Keep reading to discover which women may (or may not) have dated your longtime man crush.

The pair sat there in silence, the tension building, until finally Gosling turned on the radio, and on came REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight this Feeling, at which point Refn started singing along at the top of his lungs, tears streaming down his cheeks. It's about a guy who drives around LA at night listening to his music because it's the only way he can feel!

'The only emotion he showed all night, and the only thing he said were the lyrics to this song, while he cries,' Gosling recalls. " And I knew he was the man for the job.' The story makes more sense once you have met Gosling.

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'Ryan is kind and adorable yet also really dark and weird and manipulative,' says the actress Kirsten Dunst, who starred opposite him in All Good Things.That's my own reality so it's a doorway into a world for me.' Despite recent sightings in the company of such actresses as Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde and Kat Dennings, Gosling has had only two publicly acknowledged relationships, with Sandra Bullock, in her pre-Jesse James days, and Rachel Mc Adams, his co-star on the period romance The Notebook. 'Most of the others went to this apartment complex but it was too expensive for my mother and me, so we lived in this trailer park,' he says.'He really gets women,' says Glenn Ficarra, who co-directed Crazy, Stupid, Love. 'Although as it became clear to the producers that I wasn't nearly as talented as some of the other kids – I couldn't sing or dance like they could – they stopped using me in the show so much.' He frequently found himself walking in the nearby Disney park at night, his imagination running riot. I rode the haunted mansion ride and saw destiny staring me straight in the face.I would only watch Abbott and Costello, and National Geographic films.' Why was he so angry?'I wasn't angry at all, I was just still in the film.The project came together around Gosling who had seen and admired Refn's previous films, Valhalla Rising and Bronson.

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