Rover duji dating


Rover is having some issues with ordering stuff online. Lori, a 39 year old business owner, comes in for The Hook-up.

“You are only allowed one overdose” sign removed from Burger King. Burglars claimed they were forced to strip naked and tortured. Charlie and Snitzer are attending the Tonight Show. Charlie, Dieter, and Snitzer went to the Tonight Show. Fitbit under fire for marketing fat-shaming toy towards children. Footage of woman hit by self-driving Uber released. Floyd Mayweather applies for MMA license to fight Conor Mc Gregor. Man tells woman he was poisoned and he will die unless she has sex with him. Duji brought in her puppy before she gives it away. Pennsylvania man died after overdosing on anti-diarrheal medication. Duji is 90 percent sure she is going to get rid of her new puppy. Work email ban after hours in New York City may become law. The show tries to solve the mystery of yesterday's fire alarm. Jeffrey describes his prostitution arrest in detail. Dominic Dieter, a member of the "Rover's Morning Glory" team on WMMS-FM/100.7, has been disciplined by station owner Clear Channel for an off-color suggestion to a father worried about his daughter's possible homosexuality.

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