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Move anything you want around —change anything, chuck anything out.” According to the actor, “I went to the shop, and I came back, and I said, ‘So what did you decide?’ She looked up and she said, ‘We’re moving the kitchen downstairs.'”It was in 2016 at the Olivier Awards that Harington and Leslie made their first appearance together as a couple.We think it is safe to say that sparks flew (maybe during the infamous hot spring scene?) as the couple are still going strong, despite their relationship not working out on the show.However, Browning was quick to deny those rumors and stated that kissing Harington on-screen was definitely not what fans hoped it would be like.

I said to her, because she moved into my house, ‘Look, darling, this is important that it’s our space, that it feels like our space and that you haven’t just moved into mine.Game of Thrones undoubtedly has a large fan following.People across the world love the show and are curious to know every single detail about each character —both on-screen, and in real life.For now, the two are happy where they are, and have no plans to get married just yet. There were rumors that Pompeii co-stars Kit Harington and Emily Browning were dating.Their chemistry in the film was so palpable that fans hoped it would translate in real life.

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