Robert pattinson and kristen stewart admit to dating on oprah

Whether or not they're rekindling a romance, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are spending time together behind closed doors. News exclusively learned that Kristen and Rob spent four hours yesterday at the house he's been renting in a gated community in Beverly Hills, after which they to take the show on the road.Rob, behind the wheel of his silver Jeep, was seen trailing Kristen's blue Toyota pickup truck out of his neighborhood, the actress giving the occasional glance in the rearview mirror.But whatever their plan was, they seemed to have a change of heart once they noticed that they had picked up a paparazzi shadow.As for those close to the former onscreen and real-life couple, who dated for about three years before breaking up in May, a source exclusively told E!• Kristen is still shy and awkward, so Oprah hugged her at one point.

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(Watch the video here.) Even though he was jetlagged, he was an amazing sport. They posed for a photo, and Stewart gave her a ring she wears in the film. I don’t know why this surprised me, but I approve of the cocktails and wine.

Lautner said he’d be bored because he doesn’t have . But his reasoning was surprisingly sound: “I have no reason to influence people.” He noted that three years ago, he couldn’t influence his dog to walk. • Rob learned his American accent by watching American films and rapping.

(He wanted to be a rapper when he was 14; Oprah was sad she had not known this sooner or we would have heard a recording.) Difficult words for Brits to pull off in “American”: water, pasta, and nachos.

as you walk on a fake red carpet in your basement and pose with a cutout of Pattinson. Or, at least none who want to see them on a Saturday night.

Oprah asked what they’d be doing that night of the week if she were to look in their windows (call police? Pattinson said he’d be desperately calling everyone he’s ever met because no one thinks to call him.

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