Restore backup on iphone without updating


If you're restoring an i Cloud backup that requires a newer version of i OS, Setup Assistant might prompt you to update your software.

If you choose to download and install the update, Setup Assistant will automatically update your software and then restore your backup.

You can choose to use i Tunes or i Cloud to get them backed up.

In this way, some settings will also be backed up and restored to your i Phone later.

It’s highly recommended to backup important data, in case you need it later. Above you can find three methods to restore i Phone without updating, no matter if you have a newer or older device, or if you have jailbroken it, in order to release the operating system’s full potential.

As mentioned above, users with jailbroken i Phones will automatically want to avoid restoring their phones and updating, since the status of the phone will be lost.

Hope the three solutions in this article can help you successfully restore your i Phone or i Pad without updating.

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Except using i Tunes to restore i Phone or i Pad without updating i OS, you can also succeed by using some third-party tools like Rei Boot. Then you can use Rei Boot, which will start restoring your i Phone or i Pad with the i OS firmware file you have imported instead of updating.

As an i Phone or i Pad user, you may always come up with such troubles like "My i Phone becomes slower and slower in running applications".

This is because lots of data storage takes up the space of your i Device. However, when you restore your device, you are noticed to update it.

The above way is to restore i Phone without updating by i Tunes and this solution beneath will also use i Tunes and also your i Phone itself. Then you will see "An update to the carrier settings on your i Phone is available" message, and click "Update Settings"..

Select the backup file you have created and wait for restoring i Phone without updating.

And it is also easier than using i Tunes to restore your device. When you decide to restore i Phone without updating, you need to know something important beforehand.

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