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The English language magazine continued in operation for more than 40 years under several owners and editors, until it was bought by the William Randolph Hearst company in 1916, which had been involved with the magazine for years (one cartoon featured Hearst's comic characters of the time campaigning for his bid for Congress in 1906).The publication lasted two more years; the final edition was distributed September 5, 1918.

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A typical 32-page issue contained a full-color political cartoon on the front cover and a color non-political cartoon or comic strip on the back cover.

There was always a double-page color centerfold, usually on a political topic.

Five years later, the German edition of Puck moved to New York City, where the first magazine was published on September 27, 1876.

The English language edition soon followed on March 14, 1877.

Its prime targets, however, were not just corrupt machine politicians.

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