Reality dating show

Just like thirty years ago, contestants on the show are sent on a date with their pick from three potential, unseen partners.

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However, I can guarantee you that it’s the most comprehensive review of the relative queerness of British dating shows you’re going to read this week.Hell, a few years ago, ITV2 aired a dating show literally called that was somehow entirely heterosexual.Even when we are included, queer contestants are often covered up in episode descriptions and the dates themselves can be unbearably cringeworthy.If your Tinder date is going to be staring at your boobs anyway, why not just whap it all out?While we’re still on the positives, the show makes a real effort at LGBTQ inclusion, having featured gay, lesbian, bi, pan and trans contestants over the course of its two series.” That’s all the info that’s currently available, but honestly, we totally buy into in this concept.

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