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(Yes, I know there’s a fantasy element to the show, as reflected in the polished musical numbers aired each week, but the kids in Glee seem mannered and overly declarative as characters.) Take Degrassi’s Goth-inclined Eli Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers), who drives a hearse with a skull and crossbones on the front; he’s intense, more than a little mysterious and, incidentally Jewish, or half-Jewish as I’m not sure about his mother’s background.His dad is a hippieish radio jock on a hard rock station which is not a typical profession for a Jewish character on TV.And Adam Torres (Jordan Todosey), a transsexual transitioning to female, doesn’t make it easy for himself, in terms of blending in at high school, by making an obvious and pushy play for sexy Bianca De Sousa (Alicia Josipovio).Bianca, or rather the way she is treated in the series, is also an example of the much more liberal sensibility prevalent in Canada when it comes to language and adult situations.I was flipping the dial on a Friday a few months back when I came across a late Season 10 episode on Much Music and was instantly hooked all over again, eventually catching up with the entire season due to Much Music’s repeats. Judging by the exciting goings-on last season, it promises to be another gripping and fascinating installment in the ongoing saga of the kids of Degrassi.

It changed its name to just plain Degrassi last season.

Incidentally, Nickelodeon Australia, after the abortion two-parter had run uncut in the country all through the 90s, tampered with “A New Start” to make it appear Erica was never pregnant in the first place.

They also banned another two-parter, “Showtime,” which dealt with teen suicide.

What most impresses me about Degrassi is its honesty and its non-stereotypical views and depictions of teenagers.

The kids are neither goody two-shows nor out and out villains, but they’re also not like the teens from an overrated show like Glee, which has always struck me as outrageous for the sake of it and, despite its handling of ‘teen’ issues, not all that realistic.

Christine's daughter, Emma (Miriam Mc Donald), who is also Snake's stepdaughter, later joined the series as a high school student.

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