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There were moments when I wondered if I should have fought back harder.

But at the time, I was too petrified to fight, and too embarrassed to ask for help.

Last year, Just Detention International helped link me up with groups that provide services to survivors like me.It can be hard to speak out when your rapist threatens you with a knife -- especially when no one on staff believes you or even cares.My experience is depressingly common, but the treatment of inmates is a largely hidden problem.Those messages, all of them from people I didn't know, gave me a sense of hope and a faith in humanity I hadn't felt in years.I have a long way to go before I can feel whole again.Even though I'm now in a facility where I am relatively safe, I often feel a deep anxiety and dread. It's also painful for me to think about all the other inmates who have to go through what I did, many of them also LGBT people. A recent government survey found that roughly 40 percent of gay former state prisoners were sexually abused by another inmate.

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