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Three planes crossed (he frontier, near Mozyr, White Russia, and their crews totaling twelve men, were held. Ilghtcrs was among a group which flew o Ver the border In the tntralne.

The , twln she would make her own decision on her role in the war and would define It gradually. 1 3i 10 1 31 3 1 14 M) 7)130 5« 4 0 ucverii were: Irving A.

Sever- al time.s the woman i)eered in- tently at the young man, and then at the notice. she blurted: "Why aren't you 'au;\ coiile t." Tlie woman slunk away amid, hearty laughs frmn some twenty- five throats . Aubrey believes that a s^^rei u either loo good to keep or not worth keeping, i jjon — O. • • • Last Voyage still another of tiiat fast-lllmin- Ishlhg fleet er win A, ships sailing . She has a collection of hunting - trophies which, include the skins of two wlldeafi? June is fragile and feminine, in spite of her proficiency with the "shootln* ircaai! she has large ^e eyes, golden hair and a flawless fair complexion Gihe weighs 116 pounds, and is five inehss ta O. an extra girl, plays an important supjwrting role as a trouble-makin K factory worker m the new Bob Burn- star- ring drama, "Our Leading Cltixen," wiiieh Paramount w Ul present for the last times today at the. Court of Appeal Vict9ria Sittings* PLAZA PRESENTS THRILLING STORY Oeorg* O'Brien Hlart in Tlaikor Stampede " Artlon Parhi MI Film Here Today TOMOSRQW! Based upon the htruggles of a young .singer who progre-ws from cheap night clubs to musical oomedy stardom, the' new picture offers l Uss Mar Donald an opportunity to sing everjr-thing from grand opera to ADULTS OAK BAY EVENING 'j HOW FROM 6 30 P m' isst'i r,i. " "Yes." "Well," The Muse sm Ued whim- sically, "doesn t that give you an Idea? "This Increase of almost 30 per cent Indicates Hhat the reigning in- dustry as a whole i.s (•Hrr\iii^; out ita luidertaking to th to 35 per cent In exref* of Uie-^thraexieea X- average for this period." the state* ment said. ~ not ,surpi Lst everything Mayor Telford )iad doiss "lis IST the L'ood of the city " ASKS MAYOR S DISMISSAL (Qeneral Olark, tai'hls summary of evidencr. During the homeward voyage, the ten-year-old daughter of John Hay- by the harborslde Coniple'inn of the Immigration Department s clietk of the survivors showed ninety-fix were headed for Canada and 120 for the. feed and clothe the refugees, and minister to the few injured annong them By nightfall, the job was )ust about done. Irradiated Carnation Milk ihnuld he .^splendid baby food., If contains tt// the ^ food value of svlible cows' milk-^ made much raoce digcsdble in processing — unvarving, no matter where you buy it, and sterilized — and with extrt "sun- . KMH) PRir i:s LONDON,, JUMP-OFF IS STARFEAIUll E Spectacular Finish to Riding Event at Willows Fair Horse Show 5 Tfc§ Niw Vltltf K#cofdt A spectacular Jump -off between R.

How tmfortuhate It would be If the gentlemian once miissed his bus! While his attention was caught by an item on British freigiilers torpedoed w i t ii o u t warning, a sharp-featured elderly woman was to gaze at a notice rallui R lor lecruit.s. "You mean we haven't, any money." his charm - ni R wife correr ted . Bht uses shot- gun and rifle with egual accuracy, an accomplishment dating back to a series of hunting; trips with her father. Callln K for action |«rke(f with tliriiiv and excitement, the leading role to ideally suited to O'Briens talents. "BROADWAY SERENADE" SHOWING AT OAK BAY Jeanette I her f^rst Mac Dcnald appears In solo starring role in "Broadway Serenade," which comes to the Oak Bay Theatre today. compared wi Ui less llian 150,000,000 iwund S- during the same, period in 1931. Many who hoped to lay in sup- plies of liquor before the Impositi Mi of the Federal tax Increaae were dis- appointed yesterday, for the price Increa.s*- of fifty cents on a reputed quart and seventy-five cents on an Imperial quart of whisky went Into eflect in the afternoon, with corre- spondingly higher prices charged for other forms of liquor. Food supplies were stretched until the United Stotes cutters Bibb 1UA Campbell reached the Flint In mid- Atlantic with nebesaitles. the United States freighter Scanpenh, bound for Norway, and from her received surglcial instruments and medical supplies. t-ASK COMPLBTBD All day; from the time the Flint and her escort of- coast guard ships brought In their human freight, the immigration quarters were alive with effort aa of Bdals and relief workers .struggled to sort out. In many thousands of homes ]roa*ll find thit happy coabiaatlon as more end more doctors turn to Irrs- diared Carnation Milk as an ideal food for babies and children.

This will however% * Fyr the moment, the board and the Provincial Ooverniiirnt were concerned to anticipate the price changes necessary in various goods handled through vendors' stores throughout tlie Provmce. Sht inches of rain flooded this poutheastern C'nlifoniia desert, half - Ihg'two £aiua Fe passenger trams. Passengers were taken t Ol M Alll Cles by bus from Needles. IS UPi.—A German army report tonight dalmcd tf'^ Warsaw was complcftely encircled. German forces said that they had wiped out Polish, stancc on one of three fronts defending the city. Ttiey said careful exam- ination of events since Isst Spring wofild indicate Muissollnl did not ap- prove of Fuehrer Hlfl»rs to force to get Danzig and the Polish Corridor. Interests In Dunean and the Cowichan rii.strict, to discuss the war situation from a local stand- point. However, i,, my reaction Ui the above quoted since she made the error. Xend me IIM to buy a dinner'." Passerby I really don*t think 1 understand you " Panhandler "Oh, Jres. (71it ANNUAL EXHIBITION) SAANICHTON VISITORS' DAY and FORMAL OPENING Wednesday, Sept. BE AN EXHIBITOR _ fri M Lbr, Eiitoy Form AM Fartkubn M«M frtt m Afplkati M t* SICai TAl Y, NORTH AND SOUTH SAANICH AGRICULTURAL SOCKTY, SAANICHTON PO Ph^nf Kcjtmg 24 R Householders Hurry To Purchase Stoc KS -IBef ore Prices Rise Riitb'of Buyl Bf Reported by Storci in Antlclpatipii Of i F aiier i J Tax laerte M— Vawmw Wlu^ Mien Expki B . Brake addressed a crowded meeting of Uie Victoria and District British-Israel Aasociatlcm on "Ttib World Today." The speaker said "there is a time of peace coming after these evil Ideolo- gies have been detroyed." Mrs. Grumbles weite rare, as taxpayers scanned newspapers and e.stlmated where the excise and taxation in- creases would hurt most. probe, having built up a case In hi' own mind and fipdlng, himself at a disadvantage in'ery sip aud every puff help to smash Hl Uerism." r ONSl'MERS PAY Tlic reference wa.s to iiuri»ase of 10 cents a pound in the t Lse duty oh'cpflee under tariffs, increase of 8 to 1$ cents on imported tea, big Jump,s in the dutle.s on liquor, and extra duties on cigarettes and to- bacco, all of which will be pssssd en to the consumer. Drinkers of rye whisky In On- tario and Quebec found the price oh a t wenty-fivc-ounce bottle up 60 to 75 cents, according to the brand. Tlie trained ixrfornianee of Cun- ning's educated dogs and ponies also drew Mg applause. Ootdic J.«and Lady Lei th ^ere ihroiigh early Ovcrwrlt'hta— Victor of War (4).

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