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Otherwise, Sam seldom performs onstage (though he frequently barges on to complain), unless convinced that the act is "cultural"; he is reluctantly persuaded to recite the lines of the dicky-bird in "Tit Willow" (episode 120).

Sam occasionally becomes acutely aware of how futile his efforts are, and threatens to resign in disgust.

He is frequently confused by Floyd's hip lingo, which he takes literally, and is dubious about the proposed "Seven Deadly Sins" pageant.

Otherwise, his relationship with host Nigel is more amicable than it would be with Kermit on The Muppet Show proper.

He was married, but he cannot remember his wife's name, and they are separated; she flew the coop (later,'s Featured Creature bio confirmed that they subsequently divorced).

In Muppet Treasure Island, he played the role of Samuel Arrow.On Muppets Tonight, he hosts a segment called "The Eagle's Nest".Sam is the only Muppet character that made a crossover appearance on The Animal Show, serving as a special guest in the episode "Bald Eagle" where Jake the Polar Bear invited him to talk about eagles.He does so in episode 205, joining Statler and Waldorf in the balcony.He sees the pair as kindred spirits, due to their dislike for the show, and their obvious age and respectability.He shows also naivety in the UK Spot of episode 315, when Dr.

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