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Violent and angry eruptions become more likely, such as emotional meltdowns over computer glitches and screaming fits over lost keys.

If you’re coping with difficult parents as an adult child, you need to find healthy ways to express your feelings…or they will consume you.

May you learn how to move past an unhappy childhood – and may you experience the true freedom of acceptance and surrender. And, these tips for dealing with difficult parents are powerful because they involve changing the only person in your life you have any power over: you.

If you’re looking for practical tips for dealing with parents who are making life difficult for your whole family, read 6 Ways to Handle Problems With Toxic Family Members.

The pain of not getting what you need and want – and deserve – as a child is so deep and damaging.

Sometimes we can’t even express how much grief we feel because our parents can’t give us what we need and want.

My mom has suffered from a severe mental illness called schizophrenia my whole life, so I know firsthand what it’s like to deal with difficult parents.

Others are physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abusive.One of my favorite quotes about coping with difficult parent is, “If it’s not one thing, it’s my mother.” 🙂 The good news is that you are not alone!All parents make mistakes, and they put their own needs and ambitions ahead of their childrens’.I won’t be able to solve your family problems or show you how to change how your mom and dad treat you – you will need to read a book like or talk to a counselor for that!But, here you’ll see you aren’t alone…especially if you read the comments section below.The painful, sad emotions you’re pushing away won’t disappear. Maybe you feel rejected because your mother smothers you or keeps “lending” thousands of dollars to your brother.

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