Pregnant and alone dating

If you’ve chosen to keep your pregnancy under wraps until some specific point in time, that can add to feelings of loneliness.And when your pregnancy is particularly rough physically or emotionally, feelings of loneliness may even be related to friends growing more distant.With a real dad for my kid off the table, I became totally immobilized.In fact, I might have stayed frozen forever if it weren't for Roberta, my straight, married best friend from high school. Courting Perfect Strangers So I scraped myself off the couch and started looking at sperm banks.As for her interaction with the baby mama, I also don’t mind as long as they maintain a positive relationship. As for meeting them, I don’t have rules around this, those would be hers but I would just be myself and of course try to make a good impression to win their hearts.Also having a kid hasn’t given me the pressure to settle. We learned about the legal, medical, and logistical issues around having kids outside of a heterosexual marriage, then joined a monthly brunch group.Over coffee and potluck in Berkeley or Bernal Heights, 15 or 20 of us would sit around someone's living room discussing our childbearing dreams.

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(I had this crazy idea about wanting to make a baby with someone I actually loved!Plus, even the most supportive spouses and partners can have trouble empathizing with all of the things a pregnant woman will go through in the months before birth. The first step is to find a community of people who will understand, insofar as they can, what you’re going through as you gestate that baby. You might have to build up your own community from scratch, and that might be easier online that offline if don’t have any pregnancy support groups in your area.The second step is to be honest about how you’re feeling – especially with your spouse or partner and your family. For the luckiest pregnant women, that camaraderie is exactly what pregnancy – not to mention birth and parenting – is all about. Pregnancy is supposed to be this wonderful period when a woman grows gradually into motherhood, surrounded by similarly pregnant friends and wise old relatives who have been there, done that.

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