Pregnant and alone dating

Plus, even the most supportive spouses and partners can have trouble empathizing with all of the things a pregnant woman will go through in the months before birth. The first step is to find a community of people who will understand, insofar as they can, what you’re going through as you gestate that baby. You might have to build up your own community from scratch, and that might be easier online that offline if don’t have any pregnancy support groups in your area.The second step is to be honest about how you’re feeling – especially with your spouse or partner and your family.We learned about the legal, medical, and logistical issues around having kids outside of a heterosexual marriage, then joined a monthly brunch group.

A soon-to-be mama with mostly guy friends can feel this even more acutely. I was ready for kids at age 28—and well aware that women's fertility starts to plummet at 35. I was a romantic, procrastinating idiot, to be exact.When I saw my doctor that fateful year, she asked me if I wanted children. "Definitely." With a stern look, she snapped, "Well, you're not getting any younger! Despite my clear intellectual understanding of the issues involved, it took me until age 38 before I seriously started thinking about single motherhood, and even then, I had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming by my biological clock, which was starting to sound more like a car alarm. Thirteen years earlier, I dragged my then–life partner, Joan, to a six-week gay and lesbian parenting seminar in San Francisco, where we lived at the time. For the luckiest pregnant women, that camaraderie is exactly what pregnancy – not to mention birth and parenting – is all about. Pregnancy is supposed to be this wonderful period when a woman grows gradually into motherhood, surrounded by similarly pregnant friends and wise old relatives who have been there, done that.

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