Predating ann arbor

They also were together after he woke up, and together as Hatch regained the ability to walk and talk after suffering severe brain trauma.

And Sunday afternoon, roughly 20 minutes before Michigan hosts Ohio State, Hatch and Beilein will be at center court celebrating a remarkable journey and a moment both have been looking forward to for a long time. " Hatch's time at Michigan, he says, has been life-changing.

For years, the blocks surrounding Nickels Arcade have represented a social borderland between downtown urbanity and traditional campus town capitulation.There's still work to be done, still a game to be played.But Sunday afternoon at the Crisler Center will be different."He's going to graduate with a really good GPA in organizational studies and he's worked his tail off.It's one of the greatest stories that I'll ever be associated with and I'm pleased to be part of it." For Hatch, life is indeed happening. A college diploma, a wedding, a full-time job and a future to be excited about.

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