Post dating email outlook

And arranges it appropriately in the list of emails.But again, it's a day late-- its like that email was skipped over (or missed), when Outlook downloaded new emails.Creating a Search Folder will allow you to save this query for reuse.A question I have been asked numerous times is how to add personal notes, annotations, additional information or comments to an email that you have sent or received.You can create another Conditional Formatting rule to indicate that a message is set to expire so you can distinguish it from messages which don’t have an expiration date set.To find all messages with an expiration date, you can use Advanced Find or create a Search Folder so you can easily repeat the query.Also the total email count we see in web mail and in outlook IMAP are different.just update outlook connector to ver.1.43 but still getting the problem.

Mail Enable Enterprise Premium 6.51Outlook 2010i Phone i OS 5.1------------------------------------------We are experienceing the same issue.

And, the date is correct on when they sent it to me.

But, the actual display of the new email into my Outlook happens a day late.(By the way, Outlook does recognize and show the correct date and time of the email, in the Inbox.

To make a message with an expiration date show different from the other messages, you can configure a Conditional Formatting rule in the following way:.

Using Advanced Find or creating a Search Folder allows you to easily find all messages with an Expire Date.

The message is available via Web Mail and the i Phone IMAP client. We experiencing the same problem especially with IMAP client.

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