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This is because the web configuration for the time server and GMT offset differs from what is loaded on the actual phone itself.

When the web interface finally starts up 1-2 minutes after the phone is ready, it reloads that info instead.

When it powers on, it will give you a menu for a few seconds. Otherwise, change it to Disabled and put in the IP/subnet mask/DNS/domain name/gateway info manually.

Press the middle SETUP soft button to interrupt the boot. Use the arrow keys, Sel and Del buttons to make edits.

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I experienced this problem while I was making this documentation.(By the way, I tried leaving out some of the XML config files, and Weird Things Happened(tm).I think the default files need to be there originally for proper functionality, even if they're not customized.)All the prelim work is done now, so assemble and power up your Poly Com 501, and be ready to hit buttons as soon as you apply power. In most cases, you will leave the DHCP Client field Enabled and just let it grab an IP off the wire.I use the built-in Asterisk macros for mine:[internal] ; Use your applicable context name (default, internal, etc.)exten = 510,1, Macro(extensions, Sip/510,510); The above creates SIP extension 510 with the usual voicemail features In sip.conf, I use a standard SIP phone setup:[510] ; Extension 510type=friendsecret=polycom ; Password for the extensioncontext=internal ; Use the applicable context from extensions.confhost=dynamicmailbox=510callerid=Firstname Lastname 1234, Firstname Lastname,[email protected], get the latest firmware available and flash it via TFTP or FTP (FTP is strongly suggested, TFTP can be a royal pain).As you probably already know, Polycom is very protective when it comes down to getting their SIP updates and BOOTROM updates.

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