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() (1999 ...) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ... Sean Mc Kinnon 34 () (1952-2009) Guiding Light, The ...She also claimed last year that she was is in talks to star in her own Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off, however neither the famous family or official production company of the show, E! When contacted for comment, Krystle's manager said that it was actually a rival production company who had approached his client in the hopes of buying the rights to the Keeping Up The Kardashians franchise, who then wanted to produce a spin-off starring the Aussie.Although they've had their rivalries, Thorne and Ridge are good brothers and will support each other in times of crisis.

Bridget was conceived during a time when Brooke was intimate with both Eric and Ridge, and she did not know which man had fathered her child. After Caroline's death, Taylor fell in love with Ridge and they married in 1992.

The Forrester Family is a family in the CBS Daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Forresters own and run the Los Angeles based fashion house Forrester Creations.

The eldest and favorite son of Massimo Marone and Stephanie Forrester but raised as the eldest son of Eric Forrester. He has three children: Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy from his marriage to Taylor Hamilton. from his previous marriage to Brooke Logan and an adopted daughter, Hope Logan. Despite many obstacles, including Taylor being presumed dead twice, they remained together until January 2006 Ridge has been married to Brooke several times; however only one of these marriages was legal. However, their relationship has been strained for years due to the interference of Ridge's mother Stephanie, his ex-wife Taylor Hayes, his daughter Steffy Forrester and Brooke's son Rick and Brooke's own scandals. He currently is head of shipping at Forrester Creations.

Thorne is often sidelined in favor of his older half-brother, Ridge.

Thorne and Darla were happy until Darla was killed in a car accident in mid-2006 while trying to change a tire on a dark highway in the fog and fell back into the road where she was hit by Taylor who was trying to get to her daughter to help her.

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