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If teams need help, they may ask for it, but will have to return to the starting line again.

In this Detour, teams had to choose between Heel or Wheel.

Final interviews were held sometime in April or May 2007. The sponsors played a major role in the series by providing prizes and integrating their products into various tasks.

Two special episodes acted as bookends for this season; the first subtitled Racers Revealed was shown three weeks before the season premiere while the second, Memories aired one week after the season finale.

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between You Catch It or You Cart It.

In You Catch It, teams had to participate in the traditional game of goldfish scooping, using paddles made of rice paper (which disintegrates very easily when immersed in water) to scoop up 40 goldfish with paddles.

In Sticks, teams had to master a traditional Māori stick game called the titi torea in which teams had to pass specially carved sticks to each other with a particular rhythm.

The Detour of this leg is "Dare or Stair." In Dare, teams had to take an elevator to the top (45-storey) of the Suntec Tower 3 and then use a rope-and-pulley system to traverse across to the adjacent Tower 4 while suspended 181 m (594 ft) above the ground.In this Detour, teams had to choose between two sports; Wall or Waka.In Wall, teams had to head to the Birkenhead War Memorial Leisure Centre where each team member had to climb the rock wall once to retrieve one flag each.The former contained racer introductions and production insight into the casting process.The latter featured the racers sharing their favorite memories and highlights of the Race, similar to that of Season 1.The show adopted newer rules in the US version, such as the non-elimination penalty where the team who checked in last must make it to first place in the next leg or else incur the 30 minute penalty.

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