Parents should prohibit kids from dating until


Part of my role in previous jobs was as a hiring manager for our department, and I always called the candidate.For previous interviews, the interviewer always called me. Bringing kids to a job interview I thought you might be able to help me understand or deal with a common situation I encounter.She also has long, long personal calls at her desk that take me off tasks throughout the day.I’m spoken with our supervisor and asked for him to do something. This morning I was stuck behind a five-car accident, and I had to call our supervisor and ask him to open the office because I knew she wouldn’t be here.Apparently, there are staffing shops that find opportunities and send qualified candidates unsolicited hoping to force themselves on companies and gain business. I can’t imagine how it would ever work to their advantage; companies aren’t likely to interview a random person who shows up claiming to have an appointment, when they’ve never heard of them.It’s so likely to be ineffective that I really don’t think you need to worry about protecting yourself from it in the future; I’d write this off as one awful agency and just not work with them again. Who should call who for a scheduled phone interview? In the email, the interviewer’s assistant confirmed the date/time and gave me the interviewer’s direct office phone line.

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Am I being overly critical for thinking that that is unacceptable?A staffing firm had sent me there, but security told me I was not scheduled to interview and that I was the fifth person sent to them unsolicited. The agency claimed that Siemens is their client, which is clearly untrue.The job description was choppy, and it did not make sense or flow in a logical manner.I’m just guessing here since I’ve never hired in that industry, but I think this is something where you’d want to know the norms in your field before writing candidates off. Do any of these titles have fixed meanings, or does it depend on the organization?Is there an online glossary somewhere of job-search/professional jargon?Just today, a candidate emailed, saying that she is available for an interview tomorrow and will probably bring her child. I feel I should educate these people, but at the same time maybe it isn’t my place?

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