Pagan dating in southeast michigan

It is this mass which supports the dome and will sikhara it. it means: "the temple where the spirits are confined" and perhaps announces a relation with the nats.

which had taken refuge here because they were unable to do so in Buddhist temples.

Around the outside of the wall are representations of the "Ten Avatars." Buddha was believed to be the ninth Avatar.postures and styles providing some knowledge of Buddhist iconography.In the room of Buddhist Art are displayed objects of all visual Buddhist arts.Nathlaung Kyaung is clearly one of the earliest of the Pagan temples.In the early days of Pagan, people used to believe in Hinduism and worshipped Vishu, Brahman and many other Hindu gods. But afterwards, King Anawrahta brought Theravada Buddhism to Pagan with the conquest of Thaton and discouraged Hinduism vanish.

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