P2p guardian not updating

A new option allows Windows 10 users to enable "updates from more than one place," with the ability to download apps and OS updates from multiple sources to obtain them more quickly.Apps and OS updates can be downloaded from Microsoft and PCs on a local network, or a combination of local PCs, internet PCs, and Microsoft’s traditional Windows Update servers.Thus, this sample test offered 1.09% protection against Media Defender in that range.The IPs that were successfully blocked were:,,,,,,, 116.2,,,,, ,,, Slyck investigated, there was a common theme that blocklists seemingly jumped over several ranges used by Media Defender.

While Blue Tack may still perpetuate the idea that their filters are 99% effective, these latest findings will only fuel criticisms towards Blue Tack's actual effectiveness.

A complete test might not be possible short of creating a simple program to test every single number or spending weeks hand-testing every single Media Defender IP address.

In the mean ime, it seems very apparent that Blue Tack's filters have a few holes.

Conveniently enough, the first range started with 116.

Slyck then decided to test all of the IPs that started with the number 116.

The 'Paranoid' e Mule IP filter was retrieved on September 27, 2007.

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