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Andrew is a Psychologist and Learning Technologist who is a Professor of Education in the CASS School of Education and Communities at the University of East London (UEL), where he is Director of the International Centre for Public Pedagogy (ICPu P).

Andrew has also led a significant strand of research and development into Digital Dialogue Games for Learning, that: attracted four rounds of external funding worth over £600,000 and additional internal funding; generated many publications; received considerable national and international recognition through invited talks and articles; and, delivered 'state of the art' learning technologies (Academic Talk and Inter Loc) to the education and research communities, (See Dialogue and Connectivism: A new approach to understanding and promoting dialogue-rich networked learning, Invited Article for Connectivism: Design and delivery of social networked learning. Digital Dialogue Games and Inter Loc: A Deep Leaning Design for Collaborative Argumentation on the Web, In Pinkwart, N. Digital Dialogue Games, CETL in Reusable Learning Objects and MATURE: Continuous social learning in knowledge networks), with partners from the Academic and Commercial sectors in the UK and European Community. , which is a design based research approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) that is particularly focused on learning and education in naturalistic settings linked to the evolving social media landscape. He has previously worked in key positions within other institutes which had the highest rating (5) for research in the UK, and out of the total of £6.4 Million in competitive funding for projects from a range of sources, he has been the Principal Investigator on those that have attracted over £1.8 Million. The interrelated foci of Andrew's research at this time were: the changing nature and practices of communication rich learning; designing next-generation social media systems; serious and social games; contemporary theory; and generally, designing for the interplay of non-formal and formal learning (related to education or learning at work). Ambient pedagogies, meaningful learning and social software, In Hatzipanagos, S. (2017) Multi-level computational methods for interdisciplinary research in the Hathi Trust Digital Library [Online Access: https://doi.org/10.1371/0184188] Ravenscroft, A., Rainey, C., Brites, M.

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