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In addition, we can achieve some minor gains by ordering the WHEN clauses in a MERGE according to which event is the most likely (i.e.most frequent first), although at our sample data volume, the effects of this are not generally noticeable.In versions prior to 9i, we would have to code this scenario either in separate bulk SQL statements or in PL/SQL.

I think merge is better when you do have some processing to be done that means taking data from some tables and updating a table, possibly inserting or deleting rows.

Using the Oracle Database connector, you create organizational workflows that use data in your existing database.

This connector can connect to an on-premises Oracle Database, or an Azure virtual machine with Oracle Database installed.

I don't know the inner workings of the merge command but since the command is a single unit, Oracle could have execute the correct insert or update with a single index lookup.

KUTUK WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT ( CILT, SAYFA, KUTUK, MERNIS_NO) VALUES (E. But the insert is an independent command and it has to do a second lookup.

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