Old soul dating

They can dress as professionals when required, but the gamut of their sartorial expressions are rarely pretentious and border on the modestly disheveled.

Old Soul Eyes Old souls are unafraid to make strong eye contact, not as a strange power gesture but from a genuine interest. Being in the present moment, their minds don't wander as much when they speak to you, such as fretting over quarrels at work or unpaid bills. Relationships The old soul can be detached in relationships and not as prone to the emotional upheavals that may occur with younger-souled couples.

A walking contradiction at times, the old soul both embraces and rejects life.

For that reason alone they are often deemed eccentrics by the rest of society.Such choices are not always intentional, but their strong desire for self-reflection and solitude can remove them from the daily doings of the world -- and the old soul is more interested in "The nature of the perceptions in the Old Soul is seeing the greater whole.Most Old Souls’ Monads [experiential units] have to do with BEING.Work and Leisure The old soul is also a creature of leisure.They may even seem lazy on the surface -- although they can work very hard if the task is meaningful, and unlike the other soul ages, they can have fun working.Being an old soul represents the final stage in the reincarnational journey that consists of five soul ages in total: infant, baby, young, mature and old.

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