Nurse dating patients

Accepting a promotion in the workplace is never easy task.

One must take on a higher level of responsibility, carry out new job objectives, and must quickly form new working relationships with colleagues at the office.

Even so, I found that by simply asking my nurse friends straightforward questions about what irks nurses the most about their workplace relationship with doctors, I got most of the answers I needed to start self-improving on this vital component of patient care.

And what comes with this stronger bond likely involves improved patient care and satisfaction.

Next up -- what nurses can do to improve this working relationship.

Call the nurse or swing by the nurse's station on your way to the patient bedside to relay this information.

The greatest challenge and the ultimate goal is to create a friendly and personal environment where nurses and doctors are able to question each other's decision-making without fearing an angry or defensive response.

Taking on the role as a newly-branded doctor after years of being a medical student is no different in this aspect from becoming a junior partner in a firm.

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