New age and apiritual dating blog


The main point is that the awakened state is always with us.We may have vastly different experiences that we call spiritual from year to year, but the awakened space is always here.There’s never been a time when it’s more evident that age is just a number. Robi Ludwig to zone in on your “dating age” along with some fun advice and insight on how to make the most of it.

The most important one is the way that the energy abides and moves on its own.

Awakening changes a person deeply if not entirely, and that will radically alter a person's life.

This blog post aims to make spiritual truths practical for everyday living.

However, the more you dissolve into the present moment, the more clearly you see the natural practicality of all spiritual truths.

The transformation that arises after awakening can draw up all kinds of pain even when the body is completely healthy.

It is with great caution and care that anyone should intentionally try to awaken.

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