My wife is dating another man

If you strongly suspect that she is committing adultery, you might want to talk to your lawyer.Knowledge that she is the guilty party might impact the settlement of the divorce -- especially if children are involved.We’ve only been married less than two years, but together for over 8.We have two sons, one from a previous relationship of hers and one 3 year old. She is pushing me to tell her what I want, but I don’t know what I want.I have been faithful to my wife, however she filed for divorce a few weeks ago.Since she filed for divorce, she has started dating another man.

She says it never progressed past a kiss, but not only does this mean I don’t want to kiss her any more, how do I trust that this is the case?While it is possible for people to love more than one person at a time, eventually people need to make a decision.Your wife should either try to work things out with you or start a new life with the other man.Most likely this probable affair has been going on for a while.I sincerely doubt that it started after the divorce was filled.My wife says she loves another man and I am devastated, but she says she wants to work things out with me.

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