Most intimidating football stadium


I mean, with the exception of very few places, no fan base is going to be crazy every week. Notre Dame Stadium - "The House that Rock Built"There are certain places where history weighs down like a mantel. And when you load up Death Valley with a bunch of intoxicated Cajuns, this place gets all kinds of loud.

And the higher caliber of opponent, the more crazy the stadium is likely to be. In sports, there is usually one or maybe two stadiums - that tower above all the rest as being truly legendary. The design, a full bowl with the giant upper decks on either side, keeps it all inside where it belongs.

A couple of years ago, one of the ESPN guys did a list of the "scariest" college footballs stadiums.

Then went on to list the usual suspects, with no clear rationale.

But, the Horseshoe is also one of those legendary stadiums, and so they get a boost for that as well.9. But, the impressive visuals of the stadium, and the fact that they have one hell of a football team, help with the intimidation factor.

Lighting the Olympic Cauldron in the 4th quarter is pretty impressive.10.

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