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Sam isn’t the only one to catch the acting bug in Mc Carthy’s family, though. Thus anointed on a June 1985 magazine cover, the Brats were less than grateful.Still, precocious partying managed to knock the ’80s nerd-of-choice off Hollywood’s honor roll. “I’ve had to hustle and take things you don’t necessarily want to be in,” he told ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in 1996.

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“We went to each other’s birthday parties, premieres, everywhere,” says actress Melissa Gilbert, then Lowe’s steady, of the group’s core members.

“He wants to redeem himself in his own eyes.” And in ours.

ANDREW Mc CARTHY A loner takes the stage Andrew Mc Carthy, 36, wants to set the record straight: He was never a Brat.

Before filming began, director Joel Schumacher threatened to boot her unless she kicked her drug-and-alcohol problem.

“I didn’t want to do what they had done with John Belushi,” he told PEOPLE in 1997, “which was just give her the money to kill herself.” Moore checked into rehab and, Schumacher added, has “been sober ever since.” That determination surely helped Moore, now 36, break out of the Pack.

To Sheedy, it not only torpedoed her career (“It immediately started this terrible association with us, that we were these kids who had too much, too fast,” she told last August), it also shattered her friendships.

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