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A DAD of six who swapped places with a millionaire for a week on Rich House, Poor House has told how he came home to a demand for payment of a £1,000 debt.Anthony Williams, who works in a warehouse, has a budget of £107 a week after rent and bills with which to feed and clothe his family and pay for electricity. But we cope.” Anthony and Kayleigh, who met when they were both single parents, have six kids between the ages of nine and 18 months.

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One of the show’s most memorable moments came in 2003, when Army major Charles Ingram was found guilty of cheating his way to the top prize by using a coughing accomplice in the audience.

The Crown came in at fourth place while the American giant’s sci-fi drama Stranger Things was ranked number 18.

Meanwhile, the final series of ITV’s Broadchurch grabbed seventh position and another of the broadcaster’s crime dramas, Unforgotten, was number 19.

“It was nice to be able to put everything into the trolley that we fancied for a change.” In one of the most touching moments of the show, nine-year-old AJ is given the pair of football boots he’d been desperate for, so he could play with his mates at school.

Anthony said: “He’s at that age when all his mates are into football and for a couple of months he’s been asking for these football boots and he really wanted them.

On New Year’s Day a 90 minute special which picks out the highlights from the series will air on BBC One at 3.30pm.

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