Men dating other women


There are plenty of guys out there who you can have fun with, will make you feel good, take you to dinner and a movie, AND make you (and only you) the center of their attention (on a day-to-day basis).If that’s the type of relationship you prefer, forget about this guy, and get your search on. Up until a month ago, we weren’t seeing anyone else.This week he told me he met someone and wanted to be honest with me.And if “dating other people” boy comes crawling back to you, when he realizes the grass isn’t always greener, write us back. She is a former managing editor for custom health publications, including physician journals.New girl and him not at the place in their dating “ship” that he and I are at, and he would still like to see me.

I firmly believe that people can have strong feelings for more than one person at a time.

In addition to trusting your instincts, observing his behaviors, listening to his words and even talking to his friends can give you a clue whether he is seeing other girls.

Overly suspicious behavior, however, can harm a relationship.

But after digesting all this the next day, I told him that I would prefer we be friends. She Said: This is a good choice for you if you weren’t comfortable having this “open” of a relationship…

If you need to be the only girl in a guy’s life, then it’s so awesome that you made that clear and were able to not compromise your comfort and security with someone who isn’t feeling the same as you.

It might just be a reflection upon how he goes about dating and getting to know women.

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