Matt leblanc not dating andrea anders

actor and Andrea decided to call it quits "months ago." The couple stepped out for the first time in 2006, shortly after he split from his wife of three years, Melissa Mc Knight.

They were last seen together while attending the Emmys this past August.

Be that as it may, Matt and Melissa married in 2003 and in 2004 their baby daughter was born. By the time the girl turned two, however, she seemed to have outgrown her problems and was back on track growing up as a healthy little girl.

The illness took its toll on Matt and Melissa, however, and he admitted years later that it became a dark period in his life.

"She wanted to do counseling or therapy," a pal tells PEOPLE. Le Blanc...:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: What ever happened to marriage vows? Also, what ever happened to being honest with your spouse and telling them you no longer love them? I think once you become famous, you lose your brain or something, and you suddenly think you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, regardless of who it hurts. Whatever it is, it's not exactly a typical cross section of the country. I wasnt even thinking of that, I was thinking how long after his show is cancelled is this romance going to last?

"But Matt just didnt want to work it out." After the divorce announcement was made, Le Blanc even brought the Wisconsin-born Anders who recently shot a pilot for Friends producer David Crane to the ranch house north of Los Angeles that he and Melissa had shared. I cant help thinking of the Friends ep where Joey is telling Chandler about if there sexual tension between characters on stage, then they must not be doing it. Marriage inside Hollywood and out is at a disasterous 50% break-up rate. ''I am a paying customer as well as a fan.'' Of Joey.

Rumours of his infidelity had made the rounds prior to the split, though Matt denied that anything untoward had happened. We only learned that they had decided to end their relationship a while ago and that was the end of that. The woman is reportedly 17 year younger than Matt and he is said to be besotted with her, but that’s about it.

The actor, however, showed up solo to the season 4 premiere party of his Showtime series Episodes on Monday, Jan.

Either the two are keeping it low key or there’s simply not much more to the rumour.

The main woman in Matt’s life is definitely his daughter Marina.

star called it quits with the 39-year-old actress some time ago, but the media just caught wind of their alleged breakup.

VIDEO: Most Shocking Celeb Breakups of 2014Le Blanc and Anders first went public with their relationship in 2006, not long after the actor split from his wife of three years, Melissa Mc Knight.

I loved the show Joey and the characters, but what they do off the set is their business not mine. , we feel like we know these stars and are a part of their lives(Brittany, Brad & Angela, Tom & Katie,, ad nauseium.) None of these stars seem to mind all the adoration when the going is good.

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