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” my friend gasped as we huddled over her i Phone screen and baked shakshuka one Sunday morning in a crowded restaurant.

We were gawking over Snapchat’s latest feature, the Snap Map, where friends’ exact locations can be broadcasted across the globe in minute detail, marked by cartoon “Bitmojis” that can be customized down to hairstyle, body type, jaw line and nose shape; social media characters eerily indicative of their human counterparts.

Fill each bag with the activity description card and any printables or additional supplies that might be required for the game.

These activities are the challenges the family must complete before reading their next clue. Take the six location clue cards and add one to the bottom of each bag.

Once you hear him step into the room, jump out of the box and startle him.

The room can be intimately set up with scented candles, petals adorning the sheets, and chilled champagne or wine on the nightstand.

We’re connected more than ever, often in ways that transcend traditional conceptions of privacy—entering a realm where everything is broadcast to a global audience.

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It reads: Place all the clue bags in the various locations around the home as indicated by the clues.The trails should have funny little notes, and naughty messages to keep him moving forward in the hunt.And finally, it should end at his bedroom, where a huge gift box can await him, complete with a big bow and shimmer.You can print them off and adhere the design to the bag OR you can use the provided template to print these darling bag cover designs onto the white lunch bags.You will want a total of 5 clue bags for this scavenger hunt!Leave a note on his apartment door saying that, as soon as he sets foot into his place, he has to light the nearest candle.

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