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Warner Link A Classroom Study of Students' Attitudes Toward Their Interactions With Literature and Their Responses To Culturally Responsive Literature, Valerie Richardson Simpson Link A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Intervention for Social Phobia: Extension to a Preadolescent Sample, Heather Marie Gallagher Link A Cognitive-Behavioral Program to Improve Bowling Performance, Alan Jay Harris A Collection Analysis of the African-American Poetry Holdings in the de Grummond Collection, Sarah J. Marchisan Link A Comparative Study Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Religiosity and Trait Anxiety Among College Student Athletes, Todd Andrew Botto Link A Comparative Study of Pitch, Interval, and Meter Discrimination Among Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Students In Selected Single-Sex and Coeducational Private Schools In Alabama And Tennessee, Larry Wayne Newell Link A Comparative Study of the Perceptions of Campus Climates By Black Undergraduate Transfer and Non-Transfer Students At Mississippi Universities, Robert William James Link A Comparative Study of Three Teaching Methods Used In Adult Basic Education and General Educational Development Mathematics Programs, MARGIE N. Christensen Link A Cross-Cultural Study of Intergenerational Communication In Workplace, Yan Guan Link A Cross-Media Study of Koreans' Media Choice Process and Consumption Patterns In the New Media Environment, Jin-Young Kim Link Active Fault Motion in a Coastal Wetland: Matagorda, Texas, R. Dean Hite Link A Mentoring Program and Its Impact On Teacher Retention In a Large Urban School District In Oklahoma, Michael James Maples Link American College Testing Work Keys assessments and individual variables of one-year technical completers in a selected community college in Mississippi, Harold Dean Belton Link American Militias, Darin Ray Walker Link America's Public Schools: From the Common School to 'No Child Left Behind', Thomas V.

Heidelberg A Commercialized Mouthguard Material Compared to a Family of Novel Thermosetting Materials, Trenton E. BARRON REID Link A Comparative Study of Two Algorithm Animation Tools as AIDS In Algorithm Understanding, Melissa Ann Wiggins Link A Comparison Between Sprint Training vs. Wang Link A Comparison of Methods to Reduce Classroom Behavior Problems Maintained by Negative Reinforcement, Michael Matthew Mueller Link A Comparison of Nassi-Shneiderman and Pseudocode As a Planning Aid for Novice Programmers In Designing and Developing Structured BASIC programs, Daniel Glenn Wiggins Link A Comparison of Parents' and Teachers' Perspectives of Instructional Practices In Early Childhood Education In Taiwan, Yu-Hsing Chang Link A Comparison of Performance On the Test of Memory Malingering Between a Forensic and a Non-Forensic Psychiatric Population, Susan Dale Gierok Link A Comparison of Selected School Characteristics and Dropout Rate (West Virginia), Joe Alfred Terry Link A Comparison Of Student Scores On the Mississippi Curriculum Test of Students Taught By National Board Certified Teachers and Non-National Board Certified Teachers, Stanley Charles Benigno Jr. O'Brien Link A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Ginkgo Biloba on Cognitive and Psychosocial Functioning in Humans, Kaki Marie York Link A Metamorphosis of Thought: Parent Education Based on Transformative Learning Theory in a Title I-Funded Middle School, Ayanna Lichelle Shivers Link Ammonite Poems, Michael Robert Clark Link A Modally Optimized Dynamic Explicit Nonlinear Finite Difference Scheme: MODEN FDS, Alice Yu Qiao Link A Multi-Trait Multi-Method Analysis of Self- and Other-Directed Aggressive Behaviors, B. Bridges, Erin Conboy, David Hartigan, and Terrone L.

Fisher's Narrative Paradigm As a Unified Theory of Discourse, Gordon James Reynolds Arthropod density in a fragmented urban landscape along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Anna E. Bill Cook Link A Scientific Computing GUI Agent for Parallel Monte Carlo In a Distributed Environment, Mike Hongbo Zhou Link A Separate Cinema: The Screenplays of Robert Towne, Richard Price, and Quentin Tarantino, Robert Paul Arnett Link Asian Male Personality Characteristics and the Risk of Infection With Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Jeremy Alan Margolis Link A Smaller Version of Yourself, Jeremy Lespi Link A Social History of the Mid-Gulf South (Panama City - Mobile) 1930-1950, Bernadette Kuehn Loftin As Seen In Vogue: An Analytical Observation of Nudity In French and American Vogue, Elizabeth A. 5" (1991) by Peter Maxwell Davies, James David Arnott Link A Study of the Stress-Related Behaviors of Elementary and Secondary School Administrators In the Southern Region of Mississippi, Wanda La Verne Conway Bradley Link A Study of the Thermodynamic and Rheological Properties of Polymer and Polyelectrolyte Dilute Solutions, Todd Stephen Rushing Link A Study of the Twenty-Four Preludes for Solo Piano (1968) by Richard Cumming, Theresa Cosette Bush Sanchez Link A Study of the Unpublished Solo Songs of Theodore Chanler, Laura Lee Broughton Link A Study of Two Twentieth-Century "Orgelkonzerte" Based On "Es Sungen Drei Engel" By Johann Nepomuk David and Hans Friedrich Micheelsen, Hildegard Holland-Cox A Study on Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Health Practitioner Pro Bono Services, Lori Khan MS, CLT, DPT Link A Study On the Impact of the GLOBE Program On Students' Attitudes Regarding Environmental Issues, Gary Martin Manfready Link A Study to Determine Factors That Inhibit Compliance With Engaging In Recommended Papanicolaou Smear Screenings In African American Women, Valecia Gail Carter Link A Study to Determine the Incidence and Relationship of Demographic Variables and Self-Esteem to The Impostor Phenomenon Among Nurse Educators, Faye Ann Mitchell Link A Stylistic Analysis of the Fourth Piano Suite, "Memories of Childhood" By Jun-Pok Lee, Sunhee Beak Link A Survey of Compositions For Classical Guitar Written By Croatian Composers From 1945 to 1990, Miroslav Loncar Link A Survey of Music Teachers' Attitudes Toward Mainstreaming Disabled Students In Regular Music Classrooms In Selected School Districts In Georgia, Lisa Maxine Manyfield Shepard Link A Survey of Selected Guitar Works by Ivan Padovec, Natasa Klasinc Link A Survey of Selected Sacred Choral Compositions By Felix Mendelssohn, Brantley Dees Greeson Link A Survey of Students' Perceptions of Bullying Behaviors in Nursing Education in Mississippi, Janet Ruth Mc Adam Cooper Link A Survey of the Choral Music of John Cheetham Including a Conductor's Guide for Performing His "Gloria", Christopher Anthony Shelt Link Asymptotic Properties of the Tail Distribution and Hill's Estimator for Shot Noise Sequence, Chenhua Zhang and William P. Poelma Link Being Active and Impulsive: The Role of Goals for Action and Inaction in Self-Control, Justin Hepler, Dolores Albarracin, Kathleen C.

A Meta-Analysis of Component Treatment Studies, Erin C. Range Link A Review of Grade One (1) Band Literature Found On the University Interscholastic League List of Prescribed Music For Band From 1967 To 1998, Gerald Edward Waguespack Link Arkansas and Mississippi Superintendents' Attitudes Toward K-6 Physical Education In the Public School, Lisa Gay Williams Link Art and Rhetoric In the Narrated World: Walter R. Banya Link A Study of the History of Copiah-Lincoln Agricultural High School and Junior College, From 1914 to May 31, 1976, Annette West Donnan Link A Study of the Relationship Among Selected Variables and Parental Involvement and the Relationship Between Parental Involvement and School Readiness, Carolyn Sue Myrick Link A Study of the Relationship Between Science Anxiety and Grade Level, Gender, and Students' and Parents' Perceptions of Science, Scientists and Science Teachers, Donald Wayne Meissner Link A Study of the Relationship Between Teacher Perceived Staff Development Needs and Type of School District, School District Size, Level of Assignment, and Teaching Experience, John Walter Mc Carty Link A Study of the Solution Structure and Properties of the Cobalt-Alkylaluminum Chloride Catalyst for the Stereoregular Polymerization of Butadiene, WILLIAM GORENFLO CURTIS Link A Study of the "Strathclyde Concerto No. Mc Clendon Link Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Classroom Management Between Traditionally Certified and Alternatively Certified High School Teachers, Joyce Blomquist Gibbes Link Attitudes of Associate Degree Nursing Students Toward Death and Dying, Judith Crockett Benvenutti Attitudes of Greek Health Care Professionals on Human Cloning, Katsimigas George RN, Ph. Pawlak Link Behavioral Improvement In Children With ADHD: Independent and Combined effects of Behavioral Treatment and Medication, Dana Marie Trahant Link Behavioral Validation of the Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index In Adolescents, Daniel Irwin Mac Intyre Behavorial Lateralization of Pectoral Fin Rubbing Researched In 27 Identified Bottlenose Dolphins, Brittany R. Elliott Link Dendrochronology Reveals the Construction History of an Early 19th Century Farm Settlement, Southwestern Virginia, USA, Henri D.

Orejan Link A Descriptive Investigation of Demographic Variables Among State Troopers, and the Relationship Between Personality Profiles and Class Rank in the Louisiana State Police Academy, Wiley Lloyd Grafton Link A Descriptive Study of Assessment Procedures, Assessment Attitudes, and Grading Policies In Selected Public High School Band Performance Classrooms In Mississippi, Kyle Wayne Hill Link Adherence Indicators Predict Changes in Health Outcomes: HUB City Steps, Jessica L. Santschi Link Adult Attachment, Developmental Personality Styles and Interpersonal Affect Regulation, Alissa Rene' Sherry Link Adult Correctional Education: Historical Development, Programming In the State of Mississippi, and Contemporary Research Findings, Wiley Zachariah Jenkins Link Adult Education Principles in a Teacher Mentoring Program: A Grounded Theory, Debra Jean Winans Link Adult Religious Education as Transformative Learning: The Use of Religious Coping Strategies as a Response to Stress, Detra Bishop Link Adult Student Perceptions of Services Provided for Adult Students at a Selected Institution In the South, Christopher Robert Crenshaw Link Adult Students' Perceptions of a Basic Skills Academic Program, Caem L. Moreland Link Advertising Strategy and Attitude Formation: A Study Designed To Explain and Predict the Student College Selection Process, Buni Leigh Browning Link A Dynamical Analysis of the Indonesian Seas Throughflow, William Howell Burnett Link Affirmation Through Negation: The Re-Belling Anti-Belle In the Works of Ellen Douglas, Lee Smith, Jill Mccorkle, Valerie Sayers and Carolyn Haines, Charline Riggs Mc Cord Link A Finite Equivalence of Multisecret Sharing Based on Lagrange Interpolating Polynomial, Hui Zhao, Jonathan Z. Mokwunye MA Link African-American Students' Perceptions of Teacher Attitudes On Academic Achievement and Discipline Sanctions, Ursula Ouida Whitehead Link After-School Intervention Programs' Impact Upon Select Variables Among 10th Grade Students In the Education Longitudinal Study (ELS) 2002 Dataset, Diane Jackson-Chapman Link A Galerkin Approach to the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Michael A. Washington Link An Exploration of How Second-Grade Students' Reading Attitudes and Motivations For Reading Are Affected Through Family Involvement Via the Reading Book Satchels Program, Thea-Marie Hayes Williams Link An Exploration of Marital Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Based On Personality Factors, William F. Jahn Link An Exploratory Study of Adult Amateur Musicians' Identification of Instrumental Timbre, Amanda L. Lane An Ice-Core Pollen Record Showing Vegetation Response to Late-Glacial and Holocene Climate Changes at Nevado Sajama, Bolivia, C. Golde Link Bridging Marine Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry Research: Lessons and Recommendations from Comparative Studies, B.

Chmelicek Link A Description of Communication Patterns Used by Baccalaureate Nursing Students When Interacting With Patients in the Clinical Setting, Waddah Mohammad D'emeh Link A Descriptive Analysis of Aerobic Instructor Behaviors and Related Student Responses, Catherine Joy Fuller Link A Descriptive Analysis of Modes Of Communication In Sequential Patterns of Intonational Instruction Employed By Selected High School Band Directors, Andrea De Renzis Strauss Link A Descriptive Examination of Protective Factors: Analysis of Male Completers of an Alternative Educational Program, Rona Dominique Roberts Link A Descriptive Grammar of Mississippi Choctaw, Herbert Andrew Badger Link A Descriptive History of Tactics Used in Football Association From 1863 to the Present, Jaime W. Zoellner, Carol Connell, Elaine Molaison, and Kathy Yadrick Link A Distributed Mobile Agent Conflation Model Utilizing an Image Change Detection Algorithm, Hui Qing Helen Yang Link Administrators' Knowledge and Perceptions of the First-Year Experience Program at a Southeastern Research Extensive Institution, Patricia Maureen Curley Link Administrators' Perceptions of Corporal Punishment In Selected Schools In a Southeastern State, Janice Denise Page Wilson Link Adolescents' Susceptibility to Interrogative Suggestibility Utilizing Simulated Law-Enforcement Techniques, Jenise Lee Kohnke Link A Door to Extended Techniques: Five Analyses and Composer Interviews From the National Flute Association's High School Soloist Competition, Ronda Benson Ford Link Adsorption Characteristics of Pb-210, Po-210 and Be-7 Onto Micro-Particle Surfaces and the Effects of Macromolecular Organic Compounds, Weifeng Yang, Laodong Guo, Chia-Ying Chuang, Dorothea Schumann, Marin Ayranov, and Peter H. Madson, and Kathy Yadrick African Americans’ Trust and the Medical Research Community, Nneka O. Lapuyade Link An Examination of the Song Cycles of Thea Musgrave, Dana Roppolo Rice Link An Examination of Three Aspects of Procedural Memory in Alzheimer's Disease and In Normal Aging, Martha Ann Wright Link An Examination of Victim Reporting Levels and Perceived Satisfaction With the Law Enforcement Response to Stalking In the State of Mississippi, Julia Newton Campbell Link An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Polymerization Coupled With an Oscillating Reaction, Randy P. Frank BRI2 (ITM2b) Inhibits Aβ Deposition in Vivo, Jungsu Kim, Victor M. Younkin, Neill Graff-Radford, Dennis Dickson, Terrone Roseberry, and Todd E.

Paine Link A Curriculum For the Study Of Audio, Video, Computer, and Electronic Music Technology For Undergraduate Music Education Majors Based On a Survey Among Members of the Florida Music Educators Association, Curtis Brook Tredway Link Adamantyl-Substituted Polymers and Diphenylethynyl-Terminated Benzoxazoles, Jennifer Jean Jensen Adaptive Selling: A New Direction for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Kristin M. An Ethical Analysis of Reproductive Tourism and Technologies from a Multi-dimensional Lens, Lynnette Nathalie Lyzwinski BA, M. Candidate Link An Evaluation of Parents' Effectiveness in a School-Home Contingency Management Program, Lawrence Stacey Dilks Link An Evaluation of the Contributions of Effective Instruction Delivery to a Compliance Training Package for Children, Alisha Dione Ford Link An Evaluation of the Contributions of Time-In and Time-Out to a Compliance Training Package for Children, Alisha Gray Marlow Link An Evaluation of the Minnesota Couple Communication Program Upon Communication of Married Couples, Maryann Schaffer Link A New Algorithm for Turbulent Flow Visualization in a Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment, Supreeya Boontham Miller Link A New Fluid Permeability Estimation In Periodic Grain Consolidation Models and Nonoverlapping and Overlapping Mono-Sized Sphere Models of Porous Media, Chi-Ok Hwang A New Health Informatics Course: A Funded Collaboration, Xinyu Yu Link A New Species of Homalometron (Digenea: Apocreadiidae) From Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Stephen S. Fetzer Link An Examination of the Humanities Curricula In Secondary Schools Emphasizing Mathematics and Science As the Predominant Disciplines, Rhonda Collum Quam Link An Examination of the Prediction of Overall, Task, and Contextual Performance Using Three Selection Measures for a Service-Type Occupation, John Michael Avis An examination of the social functions of mouthing behaviors in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), Kirsten E. Cailliet Breastfeeding in the HIV Epidemic: A Midwife's Dilemma in International Work, Jennifer Ellen Dohrn Link Breathing Training as a Self-Regulatory Stress Reduction Method for Asthma Prone Individuals, Edwina D. Price, Lisa Smithson, Leilani Sonoda, Kayleigh Wagg, Vijayaraghavan Rangachari, Fanggeng Zou, Steven G.

Phillips Link An Analysis of the "Choro for Piano and Orchestra" (1956) by M.

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Kolker Link Distributions and Variations of Phytoplankton Photosynthesis and Primary Production of the Louisiana-Texas Continental Shelf, Xiaogang Chen Dive Into the Pit: Moshing and Its Effects On Perceived Stress, Sense of Belonging, & Self-Esteem In College Undergraduates, William Tyler Edwards Link Division I-A Football Recruiting Violations Reported by the National Collegiate Athletic Association from 1980 Through 1996, Joseph George Danna Link Do Charity Sport Events Function as "Brandfests" in the Development of Brand Community? Walker Link Does a Latent Class Underlie Schizotypal Personality Disorder? Reflections on Individual Responsibilities for Social Injustices Doing the Right Thing – Helping Families Decide Whether to Withhold Artificial Nutrition & Hydration in Alzheimer Disease, Cheryl Pensiero RN, MS, NP-C Link Dolphin Shows and Interaction Programs: Benefits for Conservation Education? in Recreational Waters Using a Real-Time PCR Assay, Keerthy V. Bloor Link Developmental and Demographic Characteristics of Generic and Nongeneric Students In a Baccalaureate Nursing Program, Donnie Fussell Booth Link Developmental Education At a Southeast Mississippi Community College, Martha Lou Byrd Developmental Expression Profile of Bric á Brac 2, Midline and H15 in the Developing Eye and Central Nervous System of Drosophila Melanogaster, Petra Visic Link Developmental Gains and Future Educational Placement Among Children Served In Various Types of Preschool Special Education Programs, Elizabeth Augustine Harper Link Development and Initial Validation of the Anxiety About Aging Scale, Kathleen Patterson Lasher Link Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Revised Protective Behavioral Strategies Scale, Michael B. Link Design, Synthesis, and Film Formation of Stimuli-Responsive Colloidal Dispersions Containing Phospholipids, David Jackson Lestage Link Design, Synthesis, and Study of Novel Fluoro-Urethane Monomers for Emulsion Polymers and Study of Oxygen-Scavengers for Ultraviolet Curable Powder Coatings, Kip Douglas Sharp Link Design, Synthesis, Characterization, and Utilization of Functionalized Solid Polymers as Ultraviolet Curable Powder Coatings, James Wayne Rawlins Link Detecting Malingering In a Clinical Sample With the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised, James William Irby Detection of Salmonella spp. Harrell Link Determining Socioeconomic Drivers of Urban Forest Fragmentation with Historical Remote Sensing Images, Chongfeng Gong, Shixiao Yu, Heather Joesting, and Jiquan Chen Link Determining the Relationship of Selected District and Student Demographics With Eighth-Grade Achievement In Alaska, Timothy Paul Mac Donald Link Detoxification and Mutagenic Response in Medaka (Oryzias latipes) Exposed to MX, a Drinking Water Carcinogen, David Roy Geter Link Developing a Computer Database That Will Determine the Suitability of Band Compositions For Specific School Bands, John Samuel Stroube Developing Methods to Measure Small Attenuation Coefficients Using Short Distance Radiation Detection, Erica F. Lambert Link Development and Validation of a Spatial Parallel of the California Verbal Learning Test Using Detoxified Long-Term Alcoholics, James Hubert Banos Development of a Methanogen Marker for Detection of Porcine Fecal Pollution in Surface Waters, Jennifer A. Camargo Guarnieri, Rosangela Yazbec Sebba Link An Analysis of the Effect of Two Antecedent Interventions On Recess Behavior, Elizabeth Anne Lyons Link An Analysis of the Humoral Immune System of Three Species of Cetaceans: The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas), and Pacific White-Sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens), Rhonda Ann Patterson Link An Analysis of the Roles of K--8 School Counselors As Perceived by Principals and Counselors In Selected School Districts in Mississippi, Brigette Garringer Myers Link An Analysis of the Self Concept of Gifted and Non-Gifted Middle School Students Based On Reading Achievement, Amy Elizabeth Bisland Link An Assessment Instrument to Measure Karen Horney's Social Movements, Lynwood Clinton Wheeler Link An Assessment of Democratic Policing in the Turkish National Police: Police Officials' Attitudes Toward Recent Police Reforms, Akin Karatay Link An Assessment of Law Enforcement Agency Satisfaction With the Police Corps Program, Karla Mc Cary Pope Link An Assessment of Self-Efficacy and Glucose Control After Attendance at a Summer Camp for Children and Adolescents With Diabetes, Katherine Anne Davis Link An Assessment of the Impact of a Science Outreach Program, Science In Motion, On Student Achievement, Teacher Efficacy, and Teacher Perception, Phillip Allen Herring Link A Nationwide Survey of Factors Influencing the Dissemination of Information In Initial Teacher Certification/Licensure Programs On the Characteristics and Needs of Students Who Are Both Gifted And Learning Disabled (GLD), Anne Delany Smith Link An Attitudinal Study of Professional Educators Toward the Integration of Students With Severe Handicaps, Martha Anne Rouse Watjus Link An Ausubelian Approach to Instruction: The Use of Concept Maps as Advance Organizers in a Junior College Anatomy and Physiology Course, Joseph William Cliburn Link An Empirical Assessment of Mississippi National Board Certified Teachers' Beliefs, Perceptions, and Attitudes Regarding Their Experiences With the National Board Certification Process, Leslie Walter Thompson Link An Empirical Study of Narrative Imagery in Implicit and Explicit Contexts, Yan Wu An Ethical Analysis of Contemporary Healthcare Practices and Issues , Gerald Mark Breen M. Overstreet Link A New Species of Intromugil (Digenea: Haploporidae) and Redescription of Intromugil Mugilicolus, Eric E. Jacobsen Link An Examination of Leadership Style and Its Relevance to Shift Work In an Organizational Setting, Brenda Joy Holdnak Link An Examination of Perception Toward Merit Pay In a Southern School District, Carol Lynn White Payne Link An Examination of Rater Selection, Assessment Methodology, and Preference Stability On Preference and Reinforcer Assessment Outcomes With Children in General Education, Calvin Charles Authement Link An Examination of Teacher Perceptions of School Effectiveness In Relation To the State of Florida's School Improvement and Accountability System, Susan Diane Spero Link An Examination of the Construct and Concurrent Validity of an Organizational Citizenship Scale, Jana Diane Fallon Link An Examination of the Construct Validity, Criterion-Related Validity, and Adverse Impact of the Cognitive Behavior Inventory (CBI), Michael S. Rayborn Link Blends of Polyester Ionomers With Polar Polymers: Interactions, Reactions, and Compatibilization, Timothy Lamar Boykin Link Blennies On Offshore Petroleum Platforms In the Gulf of Mexico: Factors Influencing Assemblage Structure, Thomas James Rauch Link Block and Traditional School Schedules: Comparison of Student Achievement By MSAT Scores and High School Science Teachers' Views, Robert Decker Smith Link Block Copolyesters Based on Poly(lactide) and Aromatic-Aliphatic Polyesters of the AA/BB type and Acid Functionalized Poly(lactide) and Poly(ester-urethane)s Therefrom, Timothy Russell Cooper Link Block Scheduling as Perceived by Selected High School Principals and Teachers of Math and Science, Arnetta Keys Crosby Link Block Scheduling Implementation In Secondary School Music Programs in Louisiana, David Karl Carpenter Link Body Image Measurement in the Prediction of Eating Pathology, Dana Marie Powell Link Bomb Radiocarbon Dating of the Endangered White Abalone (Haliotis sorenseni): Investigations of Age, Growth and Lifespan, Allen H. Leaf, Laura Rogers-Bennett, Melissa Neuman, Heather Hawk, and Gregor M. Troendle, Maralyssa Bann, Christophe Verbeeck, Robert W. Oliver Link An Investigation of the Co-Nect Model of Reform At Two Mississippi Elementary Schools, Martha Jane Mc Larty Link An Investigation of the Effect of Exposure To Selected Background Music On the Music Aptitude of Kindergarten Children, Pamela Parsons Elliott Link An Investigation of the Effects of a Communicative Technique On the Enhancement of Moral Reasoning, Blair Philip Pack Link An Investigation of the Effects of Polymer Structure Upon the Dissociation Temperature of Macromolecular-Blocked Isocyanates, Peter Charles Boyer Link An Investigation of the Persuasive Effects Of Rhetorical Questions, Message Framing, and the Elm In Promoting Responsible Cell Phone Usage, Robert James Glenn III Link An Investigation of the Production of Low Molecular Weight Polyisobutylene for the Improvement of Oil Dispersants, Casey Don Stokes Link An Investigation of the Relationship Between Parental Bonding and Body Image Disturbance Among Male and Female College Students, Karen Denise Slaton Link An Investigation of the Relationship Between Teacher Personality and National Board Certification Among South Mississippi Teachers, Senita Ann Arthur Walker Link An Investigation of the Textural Contrasts In Sergei Rachmaninov's "Night Vigil," Opus 37, Eric Kenneth Loftis Link An Investigation On Impacts of Scheduling Configurations On Mississippi Biology Subject Area Testing, Frances Lenora Marchette Link An Investigative Study of Polymer Adsorption Onto Montmorillonite Clay, Cheri Lynn Mc Connell Boykin Link An Investigative Study of the Interactions of Poly(vinylamine)s With Montmorillonite, Camille Tryntje Haynes Link A Non-Invasive Ergogenic Aid as an Enhancement of Maximal Lifting Ability in Experienced Weight Trainers, Donnie C. Carter DSN, RN Link A Numerical Method for 1D Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation Using Radial Basis Functions, Tongsong Jiang, Zhaolin Jiang, and Joseph Kolibal Link Anxiety As a Moderator of the Relationship Between Suicidality and Responding to Suicidal Communications, Marceline Moulin Brown Link A Pattern for Life vs a Traditional Breast Self-Examination Program: Effects On Self-Efficacy and Knowledge Among African American Women, Nedra Ford Lisovicz Link A Performance Analysis of CETA Assisted and Non-CETA Assisted Trainees in a Mid-Atlantic Proprietary Welding Institute, Cornelius Eugene Gorman Link A Performance Project For Saxophone Orchestra Consisting of Five Performance Editions From the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Eras, Marcus Daniel Ballard Link A Performance Project for Saxophone Orchestra Consisting of Five Performance Editions From the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Eras, Mary Elizabeth Everett Link A Photochemical and Photophysical Investigation of Polymers Containing the Trans-4,4'-stilbene bis-(carboxylate) Chromophore, Alline Peeler Somlai Link Api-Calculus for Intelligent-Agent Formal Modeling and Its Application In Distributed Geospatial Data Conflation, Shahram Rahimi Link A Piecewise Constant Method for Frobenius-Perron Operators via Delta Function Approximations, Suanrong Chen and Jiu Ding Link A Pilot Study of Organizational Performance, Performance Barriers and Faculty Engagement in the Nursing Education Unit, Yolanda Chapman Turner Link API-S Calculus: Formal Modeling for Secure Mobile Intelligent Agent Systems, Jean Gourd Link Aporocotyle mariachristinae n. ymakara Villalba & Fernández, 1986 (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) of the Pink Cusk-Eel, Genypterus blacodes (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae) from Patagonia, Argentina, J. Breazeale Link Assessing Construct Validity of the DASS Stress Scale, Molly Anna Shipley Clark Link Assessing Modernization In Honduran Landscapes Using Repeat Photography, J. Joby Bass Link Assessing the Effect of College Education on Police Job Performance, Prahlad Ray Kedia Link Assessing the Impact of Ethical Training On Law Enforcement Personnel, Tina L. Clark Link A Systematic Study of Salamanders of the Genus Necturus, Rafinesque, William Edward Brode Link A System For Evaluating Emergency Response Capabilities At a University Sporting Venue, Lauren Elizabeth Beckman Link A Systemic Look At the Self: The Relationship Between Family Organization, Interpersonal Attachment and Identity, David Monroe Deason Link At a Slight Angle To the Universe: Martianism and Cultural Deracination In the Works Of Martin Amis, Craig Raine and Christopher Reid, 1977--1984, Max Hunter Hayes Link A Taxometric Investigation of the Latent Structure of Anxiety Sensitivity, Joshua Jefferson Broman-Fulks Link A Test of an Interpersonal Trust Model, Grace Mei-Tzu Wu Davis Link A Test of Domain Theory In Hospitals: A Study of Organizational Communication, Steven James Madden Link A Test of Emotional Habituation to Violent Film Exposure in Adults With Varying Levels of Empathy (Trait, Desensitization, Behavioral Tolerance, Arousal, Real-Life, Television), David Michael Scott Link A Test of Foreign Direct Investment Influence On Task Environment Dimensions of United States Manufacturers, Charles George Jobs Link Athletes' Perceptions of Coaching Performance Among N. Cadasse Petoskey Link Binding and Transport of Rare Earth Elements by Organic and Iron-Rich Nanocolloids in Alaskan Rivers, as Revealed by Field-Flow Fractionation and ICP-MS, Björn Stolpe, Laodong Guo, and Alan M.

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