Local sex ad

Meanwhile, La Hood also claimed Gonzales’ campaign commitment to not prosecute prostitution cases would lead to “an increase in STDs.” “When you’re going that negative, it suggests that La Hood either believes he’s behind or neck-and-neck with Gonzales,” Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said.La Hood’s ad push comes in the aftermath of the revelation that Gonzales had received more than 0,000 from the Texas Justice & Public Safety political action committee backed by liberal hedge fund magnate George Soros.In a Philadelphia DA race, Soros-backed candidate Larry Krasner faced criticism from his opponents for representing people accused of sexual assault, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. La Hood has made the same charge against Gonzales throughout the campaign, particularly for specializing in defending child sex abuse.He escalated the attack in an ad in the Express-News, labeling Gonzales “the protector of Bexar County predators.” Gonzales has said his defense work allows the justice system to function, and that as a prosecutor, he put people behind bars for the same crimes.

La Hood promised to investigate whether the deputies had commiteted a crime. Later, a grand jury declined to indict the deputies.

In an Express-News interview, Henry said the DA’s dual role as both attorney for the county and potential prosecutor of the deputies created a more urgent conflict than his campaign contributions.

He pointed out that the district attorney’s office controlled the flow of information presented to the grand jury, even as it submitted court papers arguing that the deputies were not guilty.

In a recent radio ad, La Hood instructed listeners to “just Google ‘child pornography San Antonio Texas,’ and you’ll see for yourself how Joe has made a living defending convicted sex criminals.” The contents of La Hood’s newspaper ads, and Gonzales’ Trump-laden response, touch on a theme that has dominated the primary: questions about La Hood’s conservatism, and whether he’s a Democrat in name only.

Gonzales has criticized La Hood for his belief that Islam is “basically a political system wrapped in a religion,” and over his self-identification as “a conservative guy.” La Hood’s ad claim that a Gonzales vote is synonymous with “human trafficking” appears to allude to his position of not prosecuting prostitution and his support for sanctuary cities, which La Hood said he opposes.

Asked if Gonzales’ largely negative messaging — now matched in some respects by La Hood — could backfire, Jones recalled how the strategy worked in Harris County for District Attorney Kim Ogg.

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