Leonardo dicaprio dating anne vyalitsyna

His powerhouse performance in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street' is expected to get him the Oscar.

We don't know whether he will get the Oscar this year, but if there was ever an award for dating the most beautiful women in the world, Leo would have won hands down.

) The problem isn’t any suggestion of impropriety—everyone involved is clearly a consenting adult.

There’s also no reason for us to expect better of Leo: He’s the leader of a group nicknamed the PUSSY POSSE (because alliteration), since renamed the Wolf Pack (because adulthood).

After he won his Oscar, he and his crew reportedly spent half an after-party literally howling like wolves.

Leo may be recognized for his acting skill, but his true talent is for playing a douche in real life.

Age: 32 (3/19/1986)Occupation: Fashion - Model Most Famous For: for her consecutive 5-year run in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue "Very hard, but sometimes you have to say, 'It's not worth it. You have your way and maybe next Thursday I'll have mine.' Keep supporting each other. It's best to pick your fights wisely and just meditate.

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To give you a gist, if she is on the ramp then she is on Leonardo Di Caprio's radar.

Eva Herzigova and Leo may have shared a month of romance at most at the end of 1998.

But the news was never confirmed because the supermodel was the wife of Tico Torres (Bon Jovi's drummer) during the alleged affair.

The actual problem is that, as difficult and depressing as this year has been, it’s forced us to take a clear-eyed look at what power looks like, and how power works.

The very public scandals in Hollywood and beyond are like the tip of the iceberg that felled the Titanic—it’s now acceptable to acknowledge the enormous dark masses of power imbalances and pain lurking beneath the surface.

It’s so clearly a transaction: Your youth and beauty for my fame and wealth. But this year, the idea of treating women like arm candy leaves a particularly sour taste.

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