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I reading your website, it sounds like you believe basically as Christians do, but I was told by a Mormon friend of mine that you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior; you believe that he was a great prophet.Is this true and do you believe that the savior is still yet to come (as the Jews believe)?

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See The Role of Work What is the most accepted reason for why Blacks did not receive the Priesthood until 1978.If you could send me some words of advice then I would feel a lot better!See Interracial Marriage I have heard that mormons believe that, after death, they can take on a so-called world of their own.Jesus is being asked about plural marriages, and in 30 he states: "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven." What does this mean? I am a member myself, and I still had some questions, funny how that is.I believe in eternal marriage, but this verse seems to contradict it. One thing that confuses me the most is that I heard somewhere that after a Mormon dies, and they have lived a "good" or "Holy" life they become their own God in their own land... I go to a public college and there are a great deal of discussion about the Temple Marriages.I know that we only believe the bible as far as it is translated correctly, but how can you tell if it was? What does go on in there that prohibites our parents from being there, yes i do understand that some parents seal their own children when they are married, but why is it that parents are not allowed.

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