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Next day I met Kayla, and when she told me about how good her boyfriend fucked her a couple of days earlier, I also couldn’t control myself to confess how much Ryan made me cum.

When I told Kayla that Ryan had almost a nine inches long and incredibly thick cock, she asked me if she could see Ryan’s cock or spy on me fucking with Ryan.

His underwear was pulled down a little to his mid thighs. I’m just helping out my horny friend,” I said, acting like I was his best friend. “Oh yes, they are so perfect,” Ryan said, and moved his hand to grab my boobs.

As I passed by Ryan’s room, I noticed that the lights of his room were still on. I went to check in the bathroom before informing my parents about it. I wasn’t a virgin, and the last time I had sex was two months ago in the backseat of the car with my boyfriend.

I felt that someone was in the bathroom, so I looked inside through the ajar door. I didn’t get shocked watching him, not even when I noticed my blue panties in his hand. We broke up a week later after that, and now I needed a new cock to satisfy my needs.

“I know, the last girl I fucked almost fainted,” he told me. “So if you have a girlfriend, then why do you jerk off on my panties? “Because you are so fucking hot and slutty,” Ryan said honestly. He climbed over me, and I started moaning when he softly bit on my nipples. “So fucking good,” he said, and started going down on me. I was so fucking wet, and I wanted to do all the things with my teen neighbor with a big cock. With a big smile on his face, Ryan took off my shorts and he buried his face between my legs. “Fuck me with that big cock, Ryan,” I said, after kissing him.

“Oh fuck, so good…” I moaned as he pushed his tongue deep in my pussy. I was surprised to see that Ryan was so good in pleasing a woman. His cock was fucking huge, so I almost cried when he got it all inside me. “You are so fucking tight,” Ryan said, as he started moving his cock inside my pussy. After a minute, my pussy got comfortable with his big thick cock, and now I was enjoying it more.

“Yes, lick my wet pussy,” I moaned, pulling his head more onto my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and my hands were tearing down the pillows under my head.

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