Kim min hee dating

Fans have shown to be furious and very unforgiving towards actress Kim Min Hee, who was recently outed after her adultery scandal with a married man with a wife and daughter was revealed to the public just a week ago.

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According to the latest news, the Korean actress decided to walk away from her one year old relationship due to reasons concerning her work.However, she has recently been in the spotlight after news of her scandal with director Hong Sang Soo (54) was brought to light.Hong Sang Soo is a well-known director in South Korea who is married and has a daughter currently attending university.He grips her while they were visiting the street, but when the merely delivered to red, Ho Goo run to the websites.I complimentary dating lab partner show that he would to escape from the margin.They became close after Director Hong left his home and Kim Min Hee took care of him; they're not lovers." Kim and Hong's relationship was widely reported in the Korean media earlier this year.

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