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The first reads as follows: "To the memory of the Holocaust victims." Underneath, the inscription in Hebrew from the Yizkor memorial prayer says: "May their souls be bound up in the bond of life." The memorial's left side bears the following inscription in Russian: 'To the memory of [Ashkenazi] Jews and Krymchaks [Jews] who were shot by the Hitlerites on July 12, 1942." This monument was recently defaced with a swastika.

The inscription in Russian on the monument's black marble plaque reads as follows: "Eternal Glory to the Heroes!Between 19 at this site, usually on July 12, memorial ceremonies were held for the Holocaust victims with the participation of representatives of the various ethnic communities of Sevastopol.On July 12, 2003 a new memorial, located in front of the former city prison, was erected by the Jewish community and the Joint to commemorate the Jewish victims of Sevastopol. 360 Gaduach 361 Gradizhok 362 Zenkov 363 Zolotonosha 364 Konstantinograd 365 Kobekyaki 366 Kremenchug 367 Lokhvitsa 368 Lubny 369 Mirgorod 370 Piryatin 371 Pereyaslavl 372 Priluki 373 Romny 374 Khorol Pskov gov. 352 Borovichi 353 Bezhanitsa 354 Vyshgorod (till 12 Sept. 344 Balta 345 Bratslav 346 Bar 347 Vinnitsa 348 Gaisin 349 Letichev 350 Litin 351 Mogilev 352 Novaya Ushitsa 353 Nemirov 354 Olgopol 355 Proskurov 356 Tulchin 357 Khemelnik 358 Yampol 359 Yarmolintsy Poltava gov. 342 Borispol 343 Buniyakovskaya 344 Belotserkovka 345 Zhuki 346 Karlovka 347 Omelnik 348 Oposhnya 349 Fedorovka 350 Chernukhi 351 Yagotino Pskov gov.In 1942, at this place were located prisoner of war camps where thousands of the defenders of positions at Perekop, Kerch, and Sevastopol were tortured to death." In 1976 a monument initiated and financed by the Soviet authorities was erected near the 5th kilometer of the Sevastopol-Balaklava road, in the area of the murder site of the Jewish population of Sevastopol.

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