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This lets you search within the list to find different sub-sets of keywords.For instance, we might want to find all of the keywords that have the word "free" in them.The results lists out the keyword, the estimated search volume (monthly exact match), the estimated CPC and a calculated "value" score which is volume multiplied by CPC. You can reorder the results alphabetically, by volume or CPC by click on the column headers.The search results table also lets you filter for keywords using the "filter keyword" search field.The button removes the keyword from the working list.You can save or remove multiple keywords at a time by toggling the checkbox in each row you want to select, and then using the or at the top of the results list.Your Saved List The saved list will stay saved beween multiple keyword searches so long as you don't refresh the page.

This is the list that will persist between multiple searches, so you can build up a list of keywords made up of the results of multiple research queries.

To clear your search, just delete the text in the search field.

Building Your Keyword List Each keyword has a button and a button.

This is so you can order your results (for instance, by search volume) but then only add the most search queries rather than the whole list.

If you want to add the whole list (or filtered list), go to the bottom of the keyword results table and click "View as a single page".

You can type or select them in the Keywording panel, or drag photos to specific keywords in the Keyword List panel.

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