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caught up with the former Wall Street employee to discuss his new album, the loss of his friends Gerald and Sean Levert and why begging has always worked for him.

Whenever a classic Keith Sweat tune such as “I Want Her" or "Make It Last Forever" blares, I'm reminded of my personal transition when I straddled the fence of bidding my tomboyish style of oversized baggy jeans with tight spandex shirts for a more alluring, sleeker, sexier young lady who was beginning her journey into early womanhood.

What standards does the site (or rather, do the site’s operators) use? I am also very suspicious of these international ‘parties,’ the various ‘cruises,’ and the ‘trip’ that couples who met on the site are entitled to. Â The registration process for True Love Meets is very basic (so basic that it deepens my doubts about how they manage to ‘screen’ their members!

How could they possibly enforce ‘high’ standards upon their members? Tellingly, when you click on a flashy ad for ‘’ you’re taken to Keith Sweat’s personal homepage, where you can see a list of his tour dates in the U. ) You choose a username and a password, and provide your email address.

Unfortunately, though, it takes 72 hours for your profile to be ‘approved.’ It’s unclear what’s meant by this…with most other dating sites the ‘approval’ delay is mostly just to ensure that you’re not a spambot, but with truelovemeets you have to wonder if the site’s administrators are trying to judge whether you’re a ‘quality’ member or not.

The entire time you’re on the site, the media player at the top of the screen streams sentimental R & B: Usher, Mariah Carey, and so on.

We know a lot of sites tout that they have lots of members.

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