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From childhood, we are usually told that, as siblings, we are supposed to love each other - and especially where we are not clear what "love" involves, it may have felt that this was part of that special sibling bond.

Therefore, it may have been that it was only as you got older and learned about other people's sibling relationships, and about the different kinds of love, that the questioning begins.

Children need affection - and will accept affection from wherever and however it is offered if it is not offered in the traditionally appropriate ways.

Like many survivors of child abuse, children may get physical pleasure from the abuse - including sexual arousal and orgasm.

In fact, it is considered that such behavior is healthy and necessary for normal sexual and social development.When sexual abuse is perpetrated by a sibling, in many ways, it is even harder to break this silence, and there are certainly some special reasons that make sibling abuse especially difficult to disclose: Often, sibling abuse can start off seeming fun and exciting.....messing around with your brother / sister in a way that seems playful.As a child, we often don't have the cognitive ability to understand that something which can be wrong.However, the line is crossed from sexual exploration to sexual abuse when sexual activity occurs between siblings where there is a significant difference in developmental age (more than 3 years), or where there is any use of force, tricks or coercion by one of the siblings.Therefore, if you had sexual contact with a much older sibling, OR if you were forced, tricked, or coerced into it, then you are a survivor of sibling sexual abuse.A younger siblings cooperation does not suggest that they understood the nature of the sexual interaction.

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